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GRSlideShow Online Photo Album

GRSlideShow is a free, open source, easy to use online photo album script for lazy webmasters. It has everything a webmaster needs in order to put pictures online quickly and easily. The installation is trivial and configuration is easy. Put the GRSlideShow script in the parent directory of your albums and you're done. Nothing else needed.

While being simple to deploy, GRSlideShow has a varity of powerfull features for webmsaters that wish to make a little more then the basic slideshow. You can upload files either through a web interface or FTP, and create albums with guest permissions that allow your users to upload pictures as well.
You can create albums on the web, set description to every image, and add comments to albums. Everything is configurable, from image size, thumbnails policy, alignment and css behaviour. You can upload zip files, and set GRSlideShow to extract zip files automatically. In case zip files are extracted, original zip files can be kept in the download area, in case your users like to take them home. GRSlideShow is very fast, using simple chache loader, so that while you watch an image the next one is loaded into your browser's memory. There are many other features that will be exaplined in details later.